Our FAQ section is designed to provide you with comprehensive information about our subscription plans and services. If there’s something more you’d like to know, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.


What is Q2A Market Subscription?

Q2A Market offers a range of subscription plans, allowing users to access different themes, plugins, and support options for their websites. Depending on the subscription plan, users can benefit from various features at a fixed monthly or yearly rate.

What are the benefits of subscribing yearly instead of monthly?

When you choose a yearly subscription, you can avail significant savings as compared to monthly plans. For example, with the Starter plan, you save $120 when billed annually.

Do You Offer A Trial Period?

Currently, we don’t provide trial periods for our subscription plans.

Can I upgrade my subscription plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription plan after the term is over.

Can I upgrade subscription plan?

You can upgrade your subscription plan in the Subscriptions section of your account. Please note that the updated subscription plan will immediately replace the old plan’s license.

What does the Starter plan offer?

The Starter plan provides access to all themes and plugins from Q2A Market, usable on 1 website. It also includes free updates, access to our knowledge base, video tutorials, community access, and various support options like ticket, email, and chat. However, it doesn’t offer priority support or an agency license.

How much does the Starter plan cost?

The Starter plan costs $20 monthly. However, if you opt for the yearly subscription, it’s priced at $10/month, amounting to $120 for the year.

How is the Pro plan different from the Starter plan?

The Pro plan offers everything the Starter plan does, but allows for the tools to be used on 3 websites. Additionally, the monthly and yearly rates differ.

How much will the Pro plan set me back?

The Pro plan is priced at $30 monthly. With the yearly subscription, you’re charged $15/month, totaling $180 for the entire year.

What’s special about the Elite plan?

The Elite plan extends the usage to 10 websites and introduces priority support. It provides all the features of the Pro plan but is tailored for those needing more website coverage.

What is the pricing for the Elite plan?

Monthly, the Elite plan is $50. If you choose the yearly billing cycle, it costs $25/month or $300 annually.

Who should opt for the Ultra plan?

The Ultra plan is best suited for agencies or professionals managing multiple sites. It grants access to unlimited websites and includes an agency license.

Can you explain the Fair Usage Policy in relation to the Ultra plan?

Certainly, while the Ultra plan offers the flexibility of using the themes and plugins on unlimited websites, there are guidelines in place to ensure fair use and to prevent abuse or undue strain on our servers and resources. Detailed terms and conditions of this policy can be found on our Fair Usage Policy page.

How is the Ultra plan priced?

On a monthly basis, the Ultra plan costs $100. When billed annually, it’s $50/month, amounting to $600 for the year.

Lion Subscription

How is the Lion Theme Plan unique?

The Lion Theme Plan offers access solely to the Lion theme. Unlike other plans, it doesn’t pull from the entire Q2A Market Library.

Why doesn't the Lion Theme Plan have a monthly subscription option?

Currently, we’re only offering the Lion Theme Plan on an annual basis to provide the best value for our users.

How are the prices structured for the Lion Theme Plan tiers?
  • Starter: $6/month (billed yearly at $72)
  • Pro: $9/month (billed yearly at $108)
  • Elite: $15/month (billed yearly at $180)
  • Ultra: $30/month (billed yearly at $360)

Support and Usage

Can I use Q2A Market products on multiple websites?

Yes, the number of websites you can use our products on depends on the subscription plan you choose. For example, with the Ultra plan, you can use them on unlimited websites, governed by our Fair Usage Policy. their clients’ projects. It’s tailored for professionals who handle multiple client websites and want to leverage the best of Q2A Market for their clientele.

What does the "Agency License" in the Ultra plan entail?

The Agency License in the Ultra plan allows developers or agencies to use our themes and plugins for their clients’ projects. It’s tailored for professionals who handle multiple client websites and want to leverage the best of Q2A Market for their clientele.

Do you have a support system?

Yes, we have a robust support system in place. Subscribers can access assistance via Chat, Email, Ticket, our Knowledge Base, Video Tutorials, and our Community.

Are there any Video tutorials?

Absolutely! We have an extensive collection of video tutorials on our YouTube channel to help you make the most of our products.

What does the Knowledge Base offer?

Our Knowledge Base is a repository of articles, guides, and troubleshooting tips related to our products. It’s a valuable resource for quick self-help and understanding product features.

Note: As Knowledge Base is a new support portal on Q2A Market, we are not yet finished. We will keep you updated via email, so please make sure to opt-in.
How does the Community access benefit subscribers?

The Community is a platform for subscribers to connect, share insights, ask questions, and learn from each other. It’s a space for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among Q2A Market users.

What do you mean by "Priority Support"?

Priority Support ensures your queries or issues are addressed as a top priority by our support team, giving you faster responses and solutions.

Do all plans come with email, chat, and ticket support?

Yes, all our plans offer comprehensive support through email, chat, and a ticketing system. However, priority support is available only with the Elite and Ultra plans.

I need assistance with my previous support tickets. Where can I check them?

You can view and manage your previous support interactions by visiting the My Tickets section on our platform.

What happens if I don't renew my subscription after a year?

If you don’t renew, you’ll lose access to updates, support, and other premium features. However, any theme or plugin you’ve already installed will continue to function.

Account and Billing

Do You Offer A Refund?

Typically, we do not offer refunds for purchased products or subscriptions. We encourage customers to make informed decisions by reading product descriptions, viewing demos, and reaching out to our support with queries before purchasing. Exceptions may arise if a product has a fault we can’t rectify, in which case a partial refund may be considered. Read more about our Refund Policy here.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription easily either through your Q2A Market account or your PayPal account.

What happens if I cancel my subscription before the end of its term?

Should you cancel, your access will persist until the end of your subscription term. For instance, a yearly subscription initiated on January 1st and canceled on February 10th remains active until December 31st.


What does the agency license offer in the Ultra plan?

The agency license, included in the Ultra plan, allows agencies or freelancers to use our themes and plugins across multiple client sites. Detailed terms are available on our Agency License page.

Are there any restrictions on rebranding or modifying the products?

While we allow a degree of customization, there might be specific limitations based on the licensing terms. However, rebranding and redistribution or reselling is prohibited. It’s advisable to check licenses or contact our support for detailed guidance.

What happens if I accidentally break any license agreements?

Violating license terms can lead to penalties, suspension, or termination of your account and access to our products. We strongly recommend reading and adhering to our license terms to avoid any unintended violations.

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