Fair Usage Policy

At Q2A Market, our aim is to provide the best products and resources to our clients, ensuring a seamless experience. Our Agency License has been designed to empower agencies while maintaining the integrity of our platform. To achieve this, we’ve outlined a Fair Usage Policy.

Scope of Usage

The Agency License grants agencies the ability to deploy our products across multiple websites. However, this should be for direct clients and not for resale on third-party platforms or services.

Applicability to Subscription Plans

This Fair Usage Policy applies to all subscription plans, including the Starter, Pro, Elite, and Ultra plans and all the Lion Theme subscription plans.

No Resale or Redistribution

Redistribution, resale, or public sharing of our products, either in original form or with modifications, is strictly prohibited. Our products are to be used only by the agency and its direct clients.

Maintain Credit Attribution

Any credits, including those of Q2A Market and third parties, embedded in the source code, frontend, or backend, must remain intact.

Limitation on Rebranding

Rebranding or altering our products for the purpose of releasing them under a different name or using Q2A Market’s brand name is not allowed.

Active Subscription Requirement

The benefits of the Agency License, including deployment across websites, are contingent upon an active subscription. Termination or cancellation of the subscription will lead to immediate revocation of the Agency License rights.

Integrity and Performance

Use our products responsibly. Avoid any practices that would disrupt, overload, or adversely affect the service, infrastructure, or user experience.

Modification Limitations

While agencies are allowed to modify the products for their client’s needs, they cannot alter the core functionalities or purposes of the products. Also, these modifications are not to be redistributed.

Any disputes arising out of the Agency License will fall under the jurisdiction of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Reporting and Transparency

We may require periodic reports or verifications to ensure compliance with this Fair Usage Policy.

Consequences of Breaching the FUP

Breaching any term of this Fair Usage Policy might result in immediate termination of the associated subscription, potential legal action, and other remedies available to Q2A Market.

We reserve the right to modify this Fair Usage Policy at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to stay updated with the latest version of the policy.

Effective Date: September 10, 2023