Agency License Terms


The Q2A Market Agency License is your passport to a world of exclusive features and privileges tailored for professionals and agencies. Before embarking on this journey, it’s essential to understand and accept the terms and guidelines detailed in this document.

Scope of License:
This Agency License provides a non-exclusive right to utilize Q2A Market’s array of products and services, specially tailored for client projects. This privilege, however, should not be mistaken for the transfer of ownership or proprietary rights over the products or services.

Rebranding Constraints:
Protecting the identity and integrity of the Q2A Market’s products is paramount. Licensees must not engage in any activity that alters, rebrands or misrepresents our products. Our offerings’ original design, functionality, and essence must remain unscathed.

License Tenure & Cessation:
The longevity of the Agency License corresponds directly with an active subscription’s duration. Any discontinuation, be it through cancellation or otherwise, results in an immediate revocation of the rights and privileges granted under this license.

Preservation of Credits:
A cornerstone of our collaborative approach is the acknowledgment of contributions. Licensees are obliged to maintain all credits and attributions, especially those associated with Q2A Market and our third-party collaborators, across all platforms and mediums.

Customization & Identity:
While the Q2A Market encourages tailoring products to suit specific client needs, this freedom has boundaries. Licensees cannot distribute or publicize modified products under a new brand or falsely claim the origination of the Q2A Market’s offerings.

Jurisdictional Framework:
Our operations and this license, in particular, are rooted in the judicial framework of India. Any disagreements or disputes arising from this agreement will be deliberated upon and resolved in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Adherence to Fair Usage Policy:
To maintain a harmonious ecosystem for all users, adhering to our Fair Usage Policy is essential. This policy ensures that unlimited website usage under the Agency License remains sustainable and fair for everyone involved.

Indemnity Clause:
Responsibility comes with privileges. Licensees agree to defend and exempt Q2A Market, its affiliates, and representatives from any repercussions, including financial or reputational, stemming from license breaches or product misuse.

Warranty Exclusion:
All offerings under the Agency License come with the inherent understanding of their “as-is” nature. This means Q2A Market disclaims any warranties, be they express or implied, including fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

Term Modifications:
The dynamic nature of the digital realm necessitates periodic updates. While Q2A Market commits to notifying users of significant term changes, the licensee must review these terms to ensure compliance routinely.

Data Protocols & Privacy:
Data is pivotal in our operations. Users consent to Q2A Market’s data handling protocols by engaging with this license. These might involve collaboration with third-party platforms vital for seamless service delivery, always in adherence to our rigorous privacy standards.

Engagement & Queries:
Open dialogue is the bedrock of our relationship. Should you have any questions or concerns or require clarifications, our dedicated communication channels are at your disposal. Your feedback and understanding are instrumental in enhancing our collaborative experience.

By accessing the features of the Agency License, you unambiguously signify your agreement with these comprehensive terms. Deviations may lead to repercussions, including service termination and potential legal ramifications. For continued harmony, we advocate for regular engagement with these terms.

Effective Date: September 10, 2023