Add-On Services

At Q2A Market, we understand that every user has unique needs and sometimes requires a little extra. Our Add-On Services are curated to offer specialized solutions for your Question2Answer platform. Whether you’re a newbie needing installation assistance or a seasoned user looking for migration, we’ve got you covered.

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Q2A Standard Installation

  • Clean installation of the Q2A.
  • Basic configuration based on client’s requirements.
  • Testing to ensure Q2A is running smoothly.
  • Initial setup guide and basic instructions.

Price: $40

Q2A with WordPress Integration

  • Installation of the Q2A alongside a WordPress.
  • Integration seamless user login between Q2A and WordPress.
  • Testing to ensure both platforms operate coherently.
  • Initial guide on managing integrated platforms.

Price: $50

Q2A Site Migration

  • Backup of current Q2A installation and database.
  • Migration to a new server or hosting provider.
  • Testing to ensure no data loss and that the site functions appropriately post-migration.
  • Guide on any changes made during the migration process.

Price: $50

Yearly Maintenence

  • Periodic backups of Q2A installation and database.
  • Regular updates to the latest Q2A version.
  • Routine checks for any bugs or glitches.
  • Priority support for any issues related to updates or backups.

Price: $120

Service Scope and Limitations

At Q2A Market, transparency, trust, and commitment to our customers stand at the forefront of our values. We believe in open communication and ensuring our clients have complete clarity before availing any of our services. With this in mind, here are some essential points regarding our Add-on Services:

Belief in Transparency

If you have any uncertainties or doubts about the specifics of the service you’re interested in, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to clarify and guide you.

Service Definition

Our services are defined by the description provided for the respective plan or package. If something isn’t explicitly mentioned, it falls outside the scope of that service.

Third-party Customizations

While we aim to provide comprehensive solutions, we don’t cover modifications or alterations made by third parties outside the Q2A Market ecosystem. If you’ve previously had custom work done by others, please let us know upfront.

Service Duration and Expiration

For all Add-on Services, except the Yearly Maintenance plan, the service duration is limited to one week from the date of purchase. It’s imperative for customers to provide all necessary data and server access promptly. Failure to do so within the specified duration may lead to service expiration without any refunds or compensations. Always ensure you’re prepared to utilize the service efficiently within the stipulated timeframe.

Custom Solutions

We recognize that every client’s needs might be unique. We offer tailored solutions if our standard offerings don’t cover your requirements. Pricing for custom services depends on the specific requirements. Please use the provided custom solution form for bespoke solutions and pricing details.

Additional Requests

Any additional modifications or features beyond the service description may incur extra charges. Discussing such needs with our team beforehand is best to get an accurate estimate.

Thank you for considering the Q2A Market. Your trust means everything to us, and we look forward to serving you to the best of our abilities!

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